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Success stories


USAID-Rwanda Social Marketing Program (RSMP) supports Community Based Organizations (CBOs) in implementing health activities across sectors in Rwanda. Donathile KANZIGA is a 56-year-old mother of four children living in the Southern Province of Rwanda. She is the President of a Community Based Organization (CBO) of people living with HIV called ABAHUJE cooperative- committed to ensuring attainment of healthier lives through ... Read More »

Behavior change and adaptation through Community Outreach

Activities USAI D-supported Rwanda Social Mark eting Program throug h Society for Family Health Rwanda impacts at risk populations such as Female Sexual Workers to adopt safer practices. “Prudence condoms save, not only from HIV, STIs and Unwanted pregnancies but also from being unproductive.”         Jeannette is a 28 year old single mother living in Gikondo Sector ... Read More »

Family Planning Myths and Misconceptions addressed through Outreach activities.

USAID’s Rwanda Social Marketing  Program, implemented by the Society for Family Health (SFH) Rwanda, encourages Rwandans to choose healthier lives by undertaking to use family planning methods.   “After watching a behavior change film presented by SFH Rwanda during one of the outreach programs in our community,my husband suggested that we should consider family planning if we wanted healthier lives”  ... Read More »

The Impact of IPC: A Female Sex Worker Now Keeps Condoms in Her House

IPC sessions conducted by Society for Family Health – Rwanda are impacting female sex workers knowledge and lifestyle “Fifi, with her one-year son, standing by her home” “In past I was convinced condom use was men’s and money decision but now I do have condoms in my house.” Fifi Fifi is a 25 year-old sex worker who lives in one ... Read More »

Community Dramas Encourage Life-Saving Habits

Community heath dramas help Rwandans make informed decisions about health, and to adopt healthier behaviors. Liberata Nyirakanyana sits near her bed protected by a mosquito net.   “I can now confidently confess that without mosquito net, I don’t think I would still be alive. Liberata Nyirakanyata Liberata Nyirakanyana, is a 53 year old farmer and mother. She lives in Rwanda’s ... Read More »

CBOs as a Channel for Community-based Distribution of Health Products

CBOs AS A CHANNEL FOR COMMUNITY BASED DISTRIBUTION OF HEALTH PRODUCTS Community-based distribution (CBD) programs are the optimum way of reaching people in rural areas where conventional methods of delivery do not exist or fail. Christine Nzamukwereka, an Executive Member of KOUBR cooperative explaining how their distribution network operates and the strategy used in order to realize increased sales. “Access ... Read More »

One Infected, Another Saved by Prudence


It all started as a mild fever for Alinda (not real name), a resident of Shyogwe sector, Muhanga district . Originally, she brushed it off by swallowing painkillers thinking it would go away .It didn’t, but instead worsened. It wasn’t long before she started getting funny itchings too, and they multiplied with every scratch, and overtime grew into blisters. This ... Read More »

Fortunate: An Inspirational Family Ambassador in Ngazo Cell


Mukarunyange Fortunate ,49,a resident of Ngazo Cell, Muhanga district, was brought up at a time when having many children was associated with privilege and wealth. She was convinced that having many children does not only help expand the family lineage, but is also a sure way of fighting poverty, since a big work force would be availed. And so she ... Read More »

Improving Access to Safe Water in Muhanga District.


Xavier (not real names), 40, a resident of Shyogwe sector, Muhanga district and her family of four, became victims of stomach pain , strange fever and diarrhea. “Your stomach would start grumbling any time regardless of whether you were in public.” she says. They kept visiting the hospital over and over for treatment, and this became expensive ,since they weren’t ... Read More »

The entrepreneurship side to SFH activities in Musanze District


Celeste Ndagizimana, a resident of Musanze town, started a small retail shop that struggled to attract customers. It was like operating a hand-to-mouth business. For years, the basic household items that dotted his shop were the revelation of the struggles. But in early 2012, a friend advised him to invest in Society for Family Health (SFH) products as well. And, ... Read More »